Executive Presentation

Star X1 Holdings Ltd is a registered company in Seychelles with a competent team which possesses vast experiences in managing investment funds as well as asset management and legal compliance, in order to protect the identity of our clients we operate worldwide.

We offer services that are exclusive to us because we are highly connected to local agencies all over the world which in turn gives us access to a large range of goods and services, irrespective of location we connect the world of cryptocurrencies with the real world in a personalized and professional way.

Corporate Vision

We are solution oriented and aim to provide efficient solution to our clients,currently investors who have their assets in cryptocurrencies do not see the possibility of being able to take that purchasing power to traditional currencies. Thereby experiencing difficulties in their bid to purchase properties, luxury cars, or other valuable items. However, Star X1 make this possible in a very simplified manner.

We create a personal solution study, tailored to client’s need, providing other possibilities which are available in different countries around the world. With confidentiality as a core value, Our company offers anonymity for our clients who require it for their properties or other services received from us.